Saturday, August 16, 2008

A celebration of colour

The Hindu : Property Plus Chennai : A celebration of colour

The flash of green is what catches the eye first. Your sight would then trail along the bright green Arelia leaves, perhaps perch for a moment on the brown-black twig in the background, and then hop on to the streak of flame-coloured and maroon orchids at the base. This floral arrangement by Trishala Vaishnav is a celebration of colour.

The spectacle of bright hues is set off by the tiny white ceramic jar, as from a springboard.

The pearly white aura of the jar is a perfect foil for the bright colours of the plant material in the arrangement. “The vase is small; so a single flower arrangement would not suit it”, says Trishala. A tiny arrangement, it can easily be accommodated on your work station, or even the window sill.

The stalk of Arelia leaves trails out and upwards from the vase interestingly, as if to explore space. The orchids trail off in opposite directions, at a lower level. The casual trail of both the flower and leaf stalks is what makes the arrangement so interesting. The free flow of the leaf and flower trails effortlessly and creates a sense of serenity.

You can opt for stalks of any kind of bright leaves, if they are small enough. As for the flowers, carnations in a combination of colours would look good too, she suggests. But orchids, with their brilliant hues, remain the first choice. The arrangement will stay fresh for at least a week.

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