Saturday, October 12, 2019

Using glass containers, and composing for a festive theme

September 20th 2019

Twelve members of the Study Group met at ABK for a demonstration cum workshop, with the twin themes of working with Glass Containers, and creating Celebration themes.

Sensei Trishala and Sensei Prerana both demonstrated one arrangement in each theme.

Sensei Prerana used two glass containers. The one at the rear was used to just add
more material and depth to the composition.
Therefore she used the gardener’s net to cover it from view
Sensei Trishala wanted to complement the glass container. So she used orchids inside and out
in a minimalistic arrangement. 
For her festival arrangement, sensei Trishala  used a glass container that was spray painted in gold.
The lilies and chrysanthemums add a festive feel, as also the gold painted leaf.

Sensei Prerana’s Celebration arrangement  had two nagiere containers.
She used the tall heliconias along with statis, wild berries, gypsophelia and a
handmade golden fan to make the composition colourful, bold and festive.

It was on with the workshop.  All the compositions turned out to be in glass vases, with many of them  festive and celebratory, creating a twin-themed composition.

Bhuvana used a combination of dry branches, jerberas and

Chelvi used Jerbera, gypsophelia and casuarina in a pasta jar.

Chelvi tried another composition as well.  This time with
Lymonium, wild berries along with spring onions to complement the
shape of the glass jug, as also to use the inside of the vase.

Chitra Rajan explained how she used "rain touched fresh flowers" from her garden   ....
bleeding hearts and buds of Murraya tree along with white chrysanthemum,
red jerbera and baby's breath in a wine red glass container to show passion, romance and love!

Chitra Thiagarajan used a small bark, pink oriental lily, berry stem and
yellow colour dracena to complement the green shaded crackling effect
on the glass container.

Sensei Dalley imagined her composition with windows in the background, with the light streaming in creating light and
shade effect through her glass vases, mirroring the waves of her driftwood.  

Mala used dwarf Papyrus or Chinese papyrus as its popularly known,
a mass of green above and below, broken by a small mass of yellow.

Sensei Meenu used copper wire and carried the lines upward using Bird of Paradise
 in a glass container with no water.

Sensei Malathi chose glass containers as we see so much of glass in our environment,
replacing wood and metal. She worked on Texture and Colour, it's hues and tints. 

Pushkala - The multicolor wires in two worls expressing joy, dance and a happy mood.
Red anthurium is added to express boldness in this celebratory creation.

Pushkala - The green glass container having Palm leaf is auspicious during celebration.
Yellow and red jerberas add colour to the display.
Quisqualis gives little delicacy to the arrangement.

It was good to see Roopa after many months, and she created this composition with green twisted palm leaves
and carnations.

The next workshop is planned for October 19th at ABK Hall.  

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