Friday, December 8, 2017

A touch of home for the Japanese

December 1st 2017

As Chennai gets a respite from the summer and enters the pleasant season, the city usually gets busy with foreign visitors and cultural activities of various sorts.

One of the large hotels in the city, The Leela Palace, was hosting a dinner for a group of Japanese guests.  What better way to make them feel at home then to give them a touch of Ikebana.

On the request of the event organisers, senseis Prerana and Meenakashi of the Study Group created table arrangements for the event.
Six similar arrangements were needed on one single  dining table for 30 people.  For this, Asia Lilies, carnations, aspidistra and Gypsofilia were used in a round glass container.  The compositions were festive and colourful.

Another two nagiere arrangements were placed on the side tables, of which we have no pictures, unfortunately.
Sensei Prerana and Sensei Meenakshi with one of the arrangements

The arrangements were much appreciated by the guests and the organisers.

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Jrao said...

Very pretty. Good work ladies