Friday, September 2, 2016

August workshop on Surface and Mass

August 11th 2016    
Thirteen members of the study group met at the ABK centre, for a workshop on surface and mass.   The idea was to explore the implication of surface of the container, surface of leaves and surfaces made by massing of lines,  on a composition.

We started off with a demonstration by the two new sensei, Divya and Janaki.  They approached the subject in different ways and demonstrated two different effects on composition.  With confidence and freshness in their demonstration, they were widely appreciated by the group.

Sensei Divya demonstrated with creating a surface by massing lines

Sensei Janaki demonstrated the effect of massing of material

The two senseis with their arrangements

Bhuvana used her arrangement to also reflect the colours of India,
which celebrates its Independence Day in August!

Chitra Rajan used local materials for this arrangement

Sensei Dalley created a mass with line, 

while sensei Malathi created a mass with leaf and another mass with flowers to provide colour

Rupa massed the flowers,

as did Shailaja, bunching up the jerberas.

Sensei Trishala on the other hand, created a spectacular surface by weaving the palm.

Sensei Meenu worked with creating several masses along a line. 

Sensei Molly exhibited surface with the dramatic tropical leaves, while the flowers and lines worked to
provide depth

Prerana sensei's arrangement is all about celebration. So the mass and surface of the gold and silver Mithai boxes. And of course the exotic orchids is also working as a mass.

Pushkala experimented with the surface of a piece of dried yellow pumpkin and complemented it with a mss of ixora, n a vase from her travels to Bulgaria.

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