Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 1 at Delhi - Demos, a workshop and the welcome banquet

Chennai Airport 26th February530 am

10 ladies of the Chennai Sogetsu Study Group, with pinholders, vases and four cartons of flowers descend on the Jet Airways counter.  We are enroute to Delhi for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Delhi Sogetsu chapter.
Arriving at T3 with our precious cargo!

In the van, as we made our way to the India International Centre

After settling into our rooms, we registered at the seminar halls, grabbed a quick bite, and were in time for Mrs Ansal's demonstration

This was followed by a demonstration by Mrs Savitha. 
The confidence and exuberance of the Delhi teachers matched the occasion, and each of the compositions  were unique.

Mrs Namitha of Bengaluru chapter was the next to follow

Iemoto Workshop 1 

Three of  our members - Chitra Thiagarajan, Chitra Rajan and Bhuvana attended Iemoto Akane's workshop.

The theme was Individual expression.  Iemoto first demonstrated with local materials.

All leaf composition

Colour Focus 

The workshop participants then arranged their compositions.  Each participant was given a vase and a bunch of material.  As you will see, the material is similar, but the resulting compositions so varied!

Iemoto Akane, with the help of a translator went around commenting on every composition.

Here are the three arrangements by the Chennai ladies.

By Bhuvana - "I have showed two lines one is strong and the other is soft.At times I am strong and bold and at times soft and quiet."
Bhuvana says that Iemoto Akane remarked that the the white lily depicted the strong line and white chrysanthemum shows the softer side of me.

By Chitra Rajan - "My concept - Be simple and in tune with nature. 
The arrangement is simple,  shows the gentle beauty of the branches above and and the burst of joy in the chrysanthemum blooms below."

By Chitra Thigarajan - "Smile and the whole world smiles with you"
Chitra Thiagarajan recounted, "the tall lilies were bunched together in the center and I arranged a few chrysanthemums close to the lilies along with few green materials arranged overlooking  the lilies. I used a folded a umbrella stem to show line effect.

Lemoto Akane said, she liked the chrysanthemums and green materials over looking the lilies and the folded umbrella stem denotes the strong character.  On whole, she said my arrangement matched the theme."

That night, we were treated to a grand opening at the Le Meridien.  While there were some confusions with the coach to take us to the venue, and we were all getting tired and sleepy, the electrifying concert by Sonam Kalra and the Sufi Gospel Project rejuvenated and inspired us.

With her powerful and emotional singing, and the accompaniment of sarangi and a range of percussion, the message was of peace, harmony and oneness.

It was a wonderful way to end the evening, and we returned contented and tired, as the chill Delhi night air made us hurry into the warmth of our rooms!

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