Saturday, August 10, 2013

July - meeting after the summer break

The Chennai Study group got together after the summer, with joyous hugs and raised voices!  Many of us had not seen each other for a coulpe of months.

Pushkala, our member from the academic world, regaled us with her experiences on her first trip to Europe, where she picked up these beautiful vases, which you see below.

Sensei Vaishali then demonstrated in one of the vases, showing how a crack can be skillfully hidden.

The last item on the agenda was the awarding of teacher's certificate to Dalley.
Vaishali demonstrates
Pushkala talks about her trip and the tulips!
The dramtic effect of adding the wire!
Congratulations Dalley!

Dalley will give her firat demonstration as a teacher, sometime over the next couple of months. The ladies are all set to go to Delhi to take part in the Delhi chapter's annual show in September.


Anonymous said...

Ambika thank you for this lovely posting of July programme. The vases look so colourful, inviting us to perform in them, is'nt it? Dear deputy chairperson you too give us a good programme in the coming months. Malathi.

meenu said...

What a wonderful start of our calender year also
when is ambika doing a demo for us.