Sunday, September 30, 2012

September workshop

The Chennai Sogetsu Group met for their September workshopon 13th September, at the ABK-AOTS Dosokai hall.  Sensei Molly started proceedings with a demonstration on Variation 6, all round style. 

For the first time, we tried an evening meeting to accomodate the working ladies, but this proved inconvenient for several others!
She started off with a moribana interpretation

A low, arrangement suitable for table-tops, with lovely pink carnations contrasting with the blue of the ceramic vase
Another view

Then she used a nagiere glass vase, with a vertical cross bar.

Beautiful, all round views.  Jerberas, orchid, everlasting flower, and fern.

There were ten members at the workshop, and some tried their hand at Variation 6, while others looked at working with interesting vases.

Pushkala used local materials for her variation 6 arrangement

Nagiere with ixora

Divya worked with jerberas too

Trishala's all round, with ixora and palm

...another view

Sensei Meenu's Nagiere, with Asia lilies

a different view

Alamanda and fern in moribana by Ambika

from the other side

In October, we hope to have Sensei Ramani visiting from Hyderabad.  Details will be announced soon!


Anonymous said...

Ambika, the photos are so good! Malathi

Country Flora@Chennai said...

Flowers show our love and feelings. The aroma of flowers is liked and admired by everyone.