Friday, March 11, 2011

Demonstration at the Japan Festival

As Japan is hit by the earthquake and tsunami, our thoughts go out to the people of that country.

So many fond memories I have of my two visits there....

Here are the arrangements of Malathi sensei at the Japan Festival, done on March 9th 2011, at the ABK AOTS Centre. As I was helping her, the pictures were taken in the end after the demonstration.

The Cycle of Nature series

A tribute to the ceramists who inspire creations in Ikebana

The Indian touch


Anonymous said...

Yes, the "Cycle of Life"theme includes the wood,termite-eaten dead tree stump which after it's fall gave room for the numerous seeds to sprout,with the sheer joy of meeting the sun which was hitherto missing because of the thick canopy of branches. The other 4 works display Ikebana as an Art Form.Good Ambika as you and Meenu were assisting me,you have missed a few comments.I Thank both of you immensely. Malathi.

Anonymous said...

Yes, " The Cycle of Life" had the wood stem also,which depicted the fallen tree as a grand old one, and by it's fall the sunlight on the ground made the scattered seeds to sprout, all they needed was a little bit of sun, which the canopy of the huge tree had denied and by its fall they came out to greet the world. That was the theme. Both you and Meenu were assisting me and missed out the comment.Thank you both immensely. Malathi.