Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sogetsu November workshop - Colour!

Our November workshop was accompanied by a depression in the bay, torrential rain, and many ladies unable to make it as a result.

But those of us who did make it had a wonderful session! Vaishali's colourful demonstration had a special young guest as Padma Aunty brought her granddaughter along!

Vaishali's demonstration

Some of the pictures have got a bit washed out, unfortunately, like Vaishali's first arrangement with lovely bright orange jerberas. Along with the graceful lines of the maiden-hair fern, it was a bold and colourful start.

Then she showed us this lovely metal vase, and the photo shows the beautiful designs inside.

She chose to use this lovely leaf - is it a type of Acalipha?

And this was the result!

Her last arrangement was once again an interesting mango-shaped vase with a mother-of-pearl finish. Bleached material from Japan and one anthurium, and this was the spectacular result.

The workshop

Pushkala chose vegetables

Trishala used dramatic leaves

Dally's elegant trio next

A table arrangement, blending with the brown of the table.

The beautiful long lines and the brown of the cigar lilies so complementing the vase.

And a stone "kalchatti" vase

Our guest Naina worked with her grandmother Padma aunty to create these two little wonders, one with the ixoras as thecolour focus, and the othr with the dramatic blue vase highlighted.

New student Kalpana did her combination vase lesson highlighting and complementing the colour of her vases.

Meenu had a green and silver colour focus.

Mine was a low arrangement with the large blue circular vase as the colour focus.

Trishala experimented with this tall vase, with that anthurium stealing the show! Or was it the banana flower?


Venkatesh said...

Wow!! Indeed a colourful treat for the eyes!! The fern & gerbara arrangement is beautiful!! Vaish's metal vase is lovely and her work in the mango shaped vase is gorgeous! Pushkala did good work! Many clours using fruits and vegetables!! Green and yellow classic combination by Trish & Dally! The Cigar lilly and the brown vase match so well!! The arrangement in the blue triangular vase is pretty! Nice contrast of vases and a lovely arrangement by Kalpana!! Meenu's work is beautiful - the green, silver and pink carnations!! Flowergirl, I simply love those anthuriums growing out of the star daisies!! And the ornamental Banana flower does steal the show! Thanks for the nice post and write up!! Its such a good feeling to see our Group's work!! Looking forward to the next Workshop / Exhibition !!!

Molly said...

Awsome colourful arrangements. Apt to the theme. My favourites are Vaishali's bleached, coloured branched arrangement and Ambika's arrangement in blue container.
I missed something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Good comments before me, that was nice to read, very well-done Flowergirl. Thank you for the blog entry.Next workshop on December 7th at the same premises and at the same time.Glass container focus.Please let us have a full attendance.Malathi.