Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Its time for a rhyme I think,
two days went by in a blink.
To Yercaud we went
No, not in a tent
But to a bungalow with flowers so pink.

Seeta was our hostess so gracious,
efficient, warm and vivacious.
We chattered and laughed
Bantered and argued
With appetites so voracious!!

Butterflies and birds was my quest,
But Ashoka was numerologically-obsessed.
Mom wanted to see a bison
And Prerana insisted on being human!

Padma aunty sat serenely
While Vaishali giggled incessantly.
Dally listened to all the prose
Venkatesh, was ever-ready with a pose.

Meenu was practical and tactical
in dealing with all the views so radical!

The jacarandas were in bloom
Lavender oil spread its perfume.
The hill bananas were such a treat
Teneri honey a trifle bittersweet.

A casual collection of all of this
Made for a composition I'm glad I did not miss.
See the magic of the sensei's hands
As she brought together disparate strands.

I speak not only of the flora artistically composed
But also us opposites, so cleverly juxtaposed.

So ended our year of Ikebana and flowers
And now we must wait for June-July showers
Before we resume
Our tryst with the blooms,
Which give us such joy for hours!


Venkatesh said...

Wow Ambika!!! Man.... you are so amazing! Such a beautiful description of the whole trip in one poem!! Mentioning each one for what he/she was "famous" for!!! Including all the flowers and perfumes !!!!!! Thanksssss!!!!

raja vasanta said...

Nice. thanks ambika

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ambika dear rhymster! a poem of poems! my, my such a treat! Now my haiku in Tamil"mannum kallum
ellai, mullum
anandam erkadin
As you say a wonderful year-ending for sogetsu study circle. Happy holidays! meet all of you in July. Malathi.

flowergirl said...

Glad you all liked it!

Anonymous said...

hey ambichan you just said it all.in a jiffy it brought it all back...happy memories.meenu

陳家瑋 said...
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