Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Arranging for the Emperor's birthday bash!

Malathi sensei did these lovely arrangements for the annual Emperor's party, hosted by the Japanese Consul at Chennai.

I was privileged to accompany her and watch her work.

Mr and Mrs Minagawa, (the Consul and wife) enjoyed the exhibits. They are so warm, gracious and friendly, that as Malathi sensei says, we do hope they stay on for another term!


Venkatesh said...

Very beautiful Sensei! Thanks for the post Ambika! Yes, the Consul & his wife are very gracious as I have seen at the exhibition Inaugurations. She has incredible memory and would recollect what arrangement we did last year! I join in wishing that they stay one more term.

Anonymous said...

Ambika, the arrangements have a peculiar rich look, perhaps the golden screen did all the difference. It was good working them with you.Thank you for that special feeling.Sensei and amma.

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