Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebration time!

Prerana's handwork

Celebrations all around. There was deepavali, which meant friends, family and food!

The Sogetsu Group met at Prerana's just before the Deepavali weekend, and we were greeted with this lovely floor decoration by her. (Venkatesh almost sat on it, but that's another story!)

The DVD of the felicitation function of Veena Dass at Delhi had arrived and we all watched and commented and critiqued and appreciated everything, so there was a lot of noise all through the session.

In the midst of this, some Ikebana was also done. Prerana had done a combination vase arrangement, using seven kinds of material, with a tone of brown/rust. With some corrections from the sensei, it ended up looking fabulous, but of course before I got down to taking a picture, (I was busy chattering away, you see), it got knocked a bit, and so sadly I dont have a record of it.

I quickly made sure I took pictures of these arrangements, though!


Another celebration has been the golden wedding anniversary of our sensei, and what better way to say it than with flowers!!

A lovely bouquet arrived at her doorstep, courtesy all the Group members, and she was inundated with phone calls and messages.
It was an unusual day for the "anniversary couple", as he had to go off to the dentist and was restricted to soft food, and she had to supervise the painters, carpenters and other workers, who are currently working in their home!!

We all pray for their good health and long life, and many more years of togetherness, and may sensei Malathi continue to guide us all though our Ikebana learnings!

The next meeting at Meenu's, where we celebrate her new teacher's certification!

What did I say, celebrations all around isn't it?!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Ambika,truly all of you are an unusually fascinating group and I pray some of you grow up BIG in ikebana.Thank you all for the huge bouquet, it was an all round and looked colourful from all angles I did not disturb the bunch as I felt all of you are together,whenever I look at it. It is very good today too! Will be meeting you all soon.Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Thank you Ambika for the nice write up and photographs. It was really wonderful to celebrate uncle & ma'ams 50th wedding anniversary!! Thank you Sensei for the wishes for us to make it BIG in Ikebana. With your teaching and guidance, I am sure we will. It is so beautiful of you to compare the boquet of flowers to our Group. Truly beautiful. Thank you very much for everything !!