Saturday, July 11, 2009

Headmaster's Work for July

I hope the summer heat is coming down atlast!!!

Well, with Molly's demonstration coming up next week, its Ikebana time again !!!! Here is a post of the Headmaster's work for July! It is truly a very cooooool One !! Enjoy !!

She describes the work ...
"Apples and Unshiu oranges decorate the surface of the water, colored by the stem-fluids of allium giganteum. The construction humorously contrasts the stalks in the water and those protruding out of it."

Allium giganteum, Bulrush, Apple, Unshiu orange
Glass vase - 68×118×91cm
Courtesy :

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Anonymous said...

Venkatesh,you are regular with this, it is very useful, Ihope the members will also view it and interpret it for everyone's benefit.Will be meeting you. Malathi.