Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Bangalore chapter has a demonstration

Originally uploaded by RabiCherian
Our members were in Bangalore during a meeting with demonstration of the Bangalore Sogetsu chapter.

More pictures.


Anonymous said...

Molly Cherian and Malathi were in B'lore and attended this demonstration.Alternative accessories like oasis,the use of this came to my attention as many enquiries have come to me.This has made the artist to cover up the entire oasis which resulted in massing and the western look, the choice of 2 compotes also addd to this result.The artist had a high degree of colour sensitivity in choice of materials. Malathi.

Anonymous said...

Molly, I must say that you have a good eye for a good angle to take a photo I am very poor in photography and I am happy you are able to do it. It is a useful skill.Also hope you are practising to demonstrate to the audienc from the back of tthe arrangement, the step by step viewing is very important. The absence of this was markedly felt in the demonstration, is'nt it? Malathi.