Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More from the Japan week

Venkatesh posted some pictures from the Japan week earlier, here.

Here are some more...

The Japanese version of our "dhrishti pushnikai"?

Another guardian


The Ohara School in Chennai also participated and had a lovely corner. Above, is a Rimpa style arrangement, related to the Rimpa style of painting in Japan, from what I coud gather, from the write-up next to the arrangement. The decorative qualities of the materials used are captured.

Water reflecting style

The literature read, "  In this style the subject is placed to slant over the container and cast its reflection on the surface of the water.  it is called the Water reflecting style because the Subject, the Secondary and the Object are arranged so a wide surface of water is visible"


My photo cut off the literature, but searching on the 'net, I discovered that this style is based on the Chinese art of painting, and looks to highlight the poetic and elegant nature of one's material.
A typical Ohara landscape, I thought!


Venkatesh said...

Nice Japanese Guardians!! In the Ikebana, I like the water reflecting style the best. It is really good. And then Bunjin. Thanks for the post Flowergirl!!

white light said...

the pooshnika like stuff is called the dharma doll or durma doll
it is a wish fulfilling doll
you make a wish and paint one eye
when the wish is fulfilled the other eye is painted
the female version is called hime durma!!