Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The large works through the years

Going through the Flickr gallery, I was tempted to do a post highlighting the large works by Sensei Malathi, over these last few years!

This was the large arrangement from the 2009 exhibition, where she said she drew inspiration from the pyramids of Egypt.

For me however, they reminded me of a Japanese garden, with the swept stones, the spare branches with their strong lines, and the chrysanthemums, so ceremonial and sacred to the Japanese.

This water pot from my grandfather's home in Mysore found a new use, in this age of plumbing and electric water heaters!

The tall bamboos topped by elegant swirls was the feature of our 2007 exhibition.

And 2006 saw Sensei Malathi use tall palms in a stylised fashion, with dramatic heliconia, for a tropical garden theme.

My favourites are 2009 and 2007. What are yours?!


Anonymous said...

To me it looks as I could have done a little better; if I were to do them again surely I can work on them,a little change here and there. Thank you for this idea of inserting them on the blog together,it is a good review for me. Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Nice idea to bring Sensei's Big Ikebanas. My Most favourite is, undoubtedly, 2008. The Grand Old Water Pot !!! That was full of colour and life and variety. For me it showed Strength, strong values, the beautiful moments and the gift of life..

Venkatesh said...

The next one I like is of 2009.. It was just amazing. The Boxwood, the chrysanthemums and the branches.. the stones and the pyramids. It was lovely.