Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sensei & Sensibility

Sensei Malathi has added the following comment on the "No Kezan Workshop" -

"Every time I see the report I feel the photoes are more gorgeous than what I saw with my own eyes, they seem as done by master of the art. Keep it up ladies and gentlemen..". Thank you so much Ma'am for such a big complement. It inspires me to become a Master of the Art. And I am sure, it does the same to others of our group.

While browsing Keith Stanley's beautiful Ikebana website, I saw a blog titled "Sensei and Sensibility" and that prompts me to write the sensibility of a Sensei. I brought a Vases - a square mouthed with the 4 sides having the following : A pathway and a door, a street light, some calla lillies growing on the hedge, just a brick wall and some calla lillies . I liked the vase very much, but I was a bit taken back when I heard comments like "This is too picturey-picturey.." "I dont like it.." "I like cylindrical shaped vases only..." And so on and so on.

But when I showed it to Sensei Malathi, She looked at all the sides for some time, and then slowly gave her comments.

"You can display all the 4 surfaces nicely. "

"This surface shows a door... You can do an arrangement that says WELCOME. You can use welcoming colours like Pink.."

"This surface shows just a street light and some calla lillies. You can do an arrangement depicting a "Street Scene"

"This surface has a brick wall and lots of calla lillies. So you can use lots of greens and do an arrangement.."

That was some sensibility from the Sensei. I learnt a good deal from this. We can always focus on how to use a container/vase most effectively, than just looking at the unwanted part and rejecting the whole idea of using it :) :) That is what Sogetsu is about, isnt it? Anything, Anywhere, Anybody ??????????

Ma'am once again I express my joy that I am able to learn the beautiful art of Ikebana from you. Thank you for being there for all of us. I am adding a picture of an arrangement of Akane Teshigahara.

It is described as "..Paphiopediulum serves as a single accent for this light oncidium arrangement that resembles a nest of sparrows. Container: Ceramic vase"

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