Thursday, September 18, 2008

Casuarina and Lotus

The September workshop was hosted by Seethalakshmi at a farmhouse near Muttukadu, and it was a enjoyable morning, for besides the Ikebana, we saw a stone art gallery on the farm, went to the beach, had refreshing yelaneer, and a sumptuous lunch!  Thank you Seetha!

We were joined by the ladies from the Japanese Consulate, including Ms Minagawa, as well as her French guest Claire, who brought along 2month old Theodore, who was most adorable, and quickly developed a huge female fan following among us!

Over to the Ikebana.

The material in focus was casuarina, which grows on the farm, and there was also some lotus available.

Ashok used both in this creative composition below.  For me, the amazing aspect was the stiffness of the lotus stem. It did not need to be wired or anything!  (I have used it at home now, and the lotus has stayed erect as a bud for the last two days!

Seetha created this moribana arrangement, with red roses contrasting the yellow vase, and the brown berries providing a nice accent to the tall casuarina lines!

A no-kenzan creation by Molly (and Meenu?).

Our guest Claire also took part.  She is of the Ohara school.

Trishala used jerberas wired together for a special dramatic effect in this glass vase.  In the arrangement below, she used only the berries of the causarina as her main lines.

Vaishali's elegant wooden vase was complemented with this lovely linear composition above, while Chitra was thrilled at receiving Sensei Malathi's complements for her creation below!!

Meenu worked with an elegant tall Nagiere vase, with an interesting mouth (above), while Prerana did Moribana this time.

This is my attempt at using the "untidy" appearance of the casuarina to develop a them of wild and natural, combining white, yellow, brown and green, highlighted by the red of the carnation.

All (except me who was too lazy!) then went off to get their toes wet in the cool waters of the Bay of Bengal, walked to the top of a landscaped hillock to take in the view, and explored the lotus pond for more flowers!

Next workshop - 13th October at Trishala's residence!  No-kenzan arrangements.  And no, Nagiere not allowed!


Anonymous said...

Such a good report of the entire day! Yes a big thank you to Sitalakshmi for giving us such a wonderful day.I did not know that cassurina were such exciting material, Ashok's attempt was a gratifying surprise to me as a teacher not to mention the seasoned students.Next workshop please try bigger arrangements as a preparation for the exhibition. Malathi.

Venkatesh said...

Hi everyone.

As much as I was eager to see the workshop arrangements, I couldnt visit the blog because I had to go to Cochin for a seminar. I am back and the first thing I do is this. Here are my "expert" comments (as Sensei would say :) )

Ashok, you did a good job. The lotus always fascinates me !!
the frame is lovely. Seetha's arrangement is colourful. I also would have use roses and carnations with casurina, had I been there. Trishala's arrangement with only the berries is fascinating than the other one. Simple and elegant. I dont have the guts to write comments on Ambika & Vaishali's arrangements (Write about Ikebana Teachers ?? I should be crazy ;) ;) ;) But I must say, the two arrangements are lovely. Ambika, I like the vase u have used. Is it a Glass one ?? I like Meenus arrangement in the Tall Black glass vase than the other one. Molly didnt do any arrangement ?? Good that Prerana chose to do a simple Basic Slanting Style Moribana.

Ambika, i thought you would post the stone statues and the beach also :)

Today,I brought casurina, some white crysanthemums and red roses. But I think the florist gave me very tired flowers, the were dead by the time I reached home. I was desperate and threw it all away and decided to better practice for the next workshop.

And finally, Sensei's comment has a scary part !! To try for bigger arrangements :) I will definitely do it. Courage is the difference between success and failure !! Thanks for the post Ambika!!!!

jewelwings said...

Such lovely stuff Rupa kaki...:) It's so nice that you all are recording your work for everyone to shaista

flowergirl said...

Venkatesh, the vase is fibreglass!

Should I post the statues and the beach?! Another entry for that!

Anonymous said...

Yes please, Ambika, if you have the time :)