Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bamboo beckons
Can an ikebana arrangement take a place on the floor? Yes, it can, says Hema Vijay
Ikebana delight: The predominant materials are bamboo sticks, coloured bamboo, Dressina leaves and Asia lilies in a colourful mixture.

Can an ikebana arrangement move off the table and take a place on the floor? Why not, progressive schools of ikebana encourage you to let your imagination soar, and if the arrangement zooms up in size and space, well, why not? That is, if you have the space.
In the arrangement being considered here, the predominant material are bamboo sticks, coloured bamboo, Dressina leaves and Asia lilies in a terracota pot.

The theme Ambika had in mind was ‘colours of India’, and consequently the colour composition - green, gold and orange. “I tried to complement the earthy terracota pot with the brown of the bamboo”, Ambika says. “When I made the arrangement, the bamboos were up straight, and not leaning to one side as they are in the image. Also, the yellow Asia lilies were placed at varying heights, to give a three-dimensional effect”, says ikebana enthusiast Ambika Chandrasekar. The bamboo sticks were wired around (with thin metal wires available at hardware shops) and placed snug into the terracotta pot.

Tall vases carry large arrangements well. One can also do a more horizontal interpretation with the same materials, by exploring alternative sizes and positioning, and perhaps introducing a few new flower varieties.

“The strong lines of the bamboo are softened by the elegant curves of the Dressina, and the Asia lily flowers add an element of drama and focus to the composition”, Ambika says. While Ambika has used variegated Dressina here, brown and green Dressina varieties are also available. Dressina is grown commonly in gardens, while the yellow and orange Asia lilies may be obtained from the florist.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ambika :

thanks for posting the series on ikebana. the zinias are really gorgeous.

Venkatesh, Tuticorin

flowergirl said...

Yes, the colours in the centres are amazing - the Zinnias I mean!