Saturday, May 31, 2008
Anthuriums give the right balance
There are many possibilities with anthuriums now available in bigger sizes and many colours, writes Hema Vijay

Elegant, understated and yet dashing – that describes this wonderful ikebana arrangement by Ambika Chandrasekar.
The dashing red anthurium flowers in the centre charges up the scene, while the green props by way of the variegated reed grass on the lower level and the umbrella plants that reach upwards create a great colour balance.

‘Basically, my focus was to achieve an appealing, abstract colour effect’, says Ambika.

Ambika sourced the thermocol prop for the base and the back from laptop packaging. The circular holed thermocol sheet placed at a slight angle adds a touch of modernity and provides a great backdrop for the vivid anthuriums.

But wouldn’t a modern material like thermocol go against the ‘green’ spirit that ikebana celebrates? ’Not at all’, says Ambika. "The Sogetsu school of Ikebana encourages the use of new materials available".

The umbrella plant is held in place by means of a pin holder (called kenzan in Japanese) placed in a vase.

‘I trimmed the leaves of the umbrella plant, so that the leaves don’t droop down’, Ambika adds.

The arrangement will stay fresh for at least 10 days. A single anthurium stalk costs about Rs. 25 and can be obtained form florists, while reed grass and umbrella plants are common garden plants.

There are many possibilities within this framework, with anthuriums now available in bigger sizes and an assortment of colours. Use your imagination.

The original full picture is available here


Agents M & R said...

hi! i found ur blog when i goggled 'ikebana'. it's awesome! would like to know if any workshops are likely to be condudcted in chennai. thanx!

Gardenia said...

Beautful, Ambika, and so ingenious.Congratulations on being rightfully recognized!