Monday, January 7, 2008


The workshop we had today was just fantastic. Thanks a million times to Vaishali ! It was such a good opportunity to meet Ikebana enthusiasts :) I can tell honestly that my journey from Tuticorin to Chennai for the workshop was worth every bit! I am sure there is going to be so much fun during the exhibition. And some very good creations.

By the way, a friend of mine who is also a Sogetsu Ikebana Teacher has a Blog. I had introducted Ambikas blog and pictures of Chennai exhibition to her. She has already added to her blog. I am sure many people from around the world can visit it !! You can find the blog here : (English version) (Japanese version)

You can see pics of her works and of her students there. Enjoy !!


flowergirl said...

Visited the link, thanks! Have added a comment, asking for a name change!

flowergirl said...

Please do add your photos as another blog entry. Mine from the phonecam are very poor.