Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our annual exhibition

March 18th and 19th, 2017
ABK AOT Dosokai Hall, Chennai

 The Sogetsu Study Group took part in the Japanese cultural exhibition organised by ABK. The Annual show popularises Ikebana, Bonsai, Origami, Judo and other Japanese cultural activities.

There were eighteen exhibits by our members, and these were greatly enjoyed by the visiting public.

Nagiere composition by Malathi sensei.  Dressina, carnations, Baby's Breath and Lily in a ceramic vase
Nagiere composition by Seethalakshmi, in her trademark granite vase.
Sapota branches, with carnations and white chrysanthemums
Sensei Prerana's composition in a Sogetsu school vase.
Strelitzia, anthuriums and Baby's Breath.
Chrysanthemums of two colours were used by Pushkala in an
interesting vase created with woven fabric.
Moribana free style by Sensei Padma in an exquisite lacquer bowl,
composed with Monstera leaves, Alstromera,
yellow carnations and green line material.
Sensei Meenu's moribana composition with orchids, chrysanthemums, dry vine and green leaf material.
Composition by Bhuvana in an unusual container, with Oriental Lily,
vine and assorted material
Sensei Molly's nagiere  composition with Crab Claws and tropical greens
Divya sensei's moribana composition with twin pinholders
Sensei Janaki's moribana using bulrush and complementary fillers, in a ceramic vase.
Chitra Rajan also experimented with a fish-path, twin kenzan composition,
using cocolobo branches, pink anthuriums  and orchids.
Chelvi created an upright nagiere with jerberas, chrysanthemums,  crotons and
elegant wild grass flowers.
Sensei Dalley created a large canvas for her composition with the use of two containers,
and the strong use of  a monotone colour added drama.
Beautiful plaited palm is the hallmark of Sensei Trishala's piece.
Chitra Thiagarajan creatively combined fruit and flower in this
free expression moribana.
Shylaja's naturalistic style composition relied on the
spontaneity of the bulrush lines and the vivid colours of the chrysanthemums.


Anonymous said...

All of you are doing so fine. It was a pleasure to see the arrangements. Malathi.

Jrao said...

Was a good experience and look forward to many more

Jrao said...
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Rajasree Dutta Bhadra said...

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